Earthform guarantees plant material if planted by our professional landscape department for:

Trees, Perennials, and Shrubs- All Trees, perennials, and shrubs are warranted for 1 year from the date of installation. This is provided that Earthform is in agreement that the plants are sufficiently hardy and appropriate for the soil, climate, and weather conditions associated with the site of Installation. Also, the installed items must be properly maintained in keeping with standards for assuring the longevity of the plants.

Winter Protection- All evergreens, broad-leaf evergreens and delicate plants must be bur lapped in their first season to validate the warranty. Earthform provides this service at an additional cost.

Plant Diseases-Should the client recognize ill health in the plants, shrubs, bushes, or trees that have been supplied under the contract, it is the client’s responsibility to immediately inform Earthform. Earthform will determine the nature and source of the illness. If it is deemed that the plant was infected prior to installation, Earthform reserves the right to first use herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides to return the plants to good health.

Should efforts to restore the plant’s health fail, the client is entitled to a refund only. Due to plant availability, the Client assumes the risk and liability of rare specimens. However, Earthform reserves the right to remove all or a portion of the warranty depending upon the nature of the source of the plant infections and the approved policies of Earthform. In all cases Earthform shall work with the client to minimize damage to the existing contract related plants.

Plant Replacement- Earthform is given up to one(1) year to source, match, and replace dead or ill plants (due to scarcity). The client reserves the right to either a full refund within one (1) year or wait for a suitable replacement.

Lawns- All new sod and seeded lawns will be No. 1 grade. New lawns are guaranteed to be healthy at time of installation only. Watering is the responsibility of the client. New lawns require extra fertilization until established and can be provided in one of our maintenance packages. Warranty for new lawns does not cover washouts caused by excessive rains.

Weeds- Earthform Shall use it’s efforts to minimize any weeds, however, Earthform shall not be required to inspect or otherwise ensure that there is no weed or other unwanted plant matter upon the client’s property in any soil or root balls/planting container of plant materials, nor shall it provide warranty for the removal of existing weeds.

Transplanted plant material- Earthform does not guarantee plant material that has been transplanted on site. Replacement plant material is not guaranteed.

The warranty of trees, shrubs, and perennials does not apply to clearance items.

The above guarantee is void if:

Payment is not made in full within the terms of the original agreement

Client has not notified Earthform of unusual or abnormal conditions of growth (ex: no leaves, leaves dropping, bark cracks, insects, etc.)

Plants die due to negligence (ex: failure to water regularly, failure to fertilize every two weeks during summer months, physical damage – such as from mowers, weed eaters, cars, etc.)

Plants are damaged or killed due to acts of nature such as lightening, drought, abnormal frost, ice storms and/or floods.

Plants are killed due to human, insect, wildlife and/or animal damage.

*Guarantee is non-transferable and does not cover further care, maintenance of plants or replacement planting fees. Customer must have original invoice/receipt for warranty replacement. NO CASH REFUNDS.
Hardscape Warranty

At Earthform, all our hardscape projects are done with the highest quality materials and installers. Our Installers are ICPI and CSRW-A certified and have many years of experience. To protect your investment, proper inspection and maintenance must be carried out, polymeric sand must be topped up, and any minor issues should be corrected before they become a major deficiency.

Warranties begin from the date of completed construction, and are valid for a period of 2 years, provided proper maintenance procedures are adhered to. Warranties cover any settlement or heaving greater than 3/8 of an inch, any cracked or damaged stones, or loose stones.

The above guarantee is void if:

Payment is not made in full within the terms of the original agreement

Client has not notified Earthform of unusual or abnormal conditions

This warranty excludes naturally occurring efflorescence, stains, natural settling, underground springs, mechanical damage, and acts of Mother Nature. Also excludes groundwork not completed by Earthform.

Warranty is void if proper maintenance is not completed yearly. Earthform offers spring maintenance packages on all hardscape projects. If Earthform completes your yearly maintenance, we offer a lifetime warranty on all hardscape installs performed by Earthform.