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Earthform Weekly Blog Report

What weeds can tell us and reasons to keep them around!!!

YES!!!  We all know weeds may not be a pretty sight in our lawns and gardens but we might have to think more about why they are there in the first place.

Weeds will thrive in an imbalanced soil conditions. If the weeds are doing better than your garden flowers or lawn then your soil is telling you it is unhealthy. Please! Do not worry your weeds are there to fix the problem and bring your soil back to balance. Mind you it can take a couple of years to decades before there magic can complete this task.

Here are some interesting reasons why not to fret about weeds:

  • They bring nutrients and water up from the soil and down from the air
  • Helps control erosion and breakup compacted soil with the root system
  • Increases organic matter in the soil by continually growing and dying
  • Provides food for microbes and animals
  • Provides food and medical benefits to us
  • Most important is they tell us the nutritional balance of the soil

NOW!!!   If you are someone who can’t stand the sight of weeds here are a few remedies to keep in mind or to try

  • Invest in a high grade fertilizer such as Premium Fertilizer 34-0-9 which is used on golf courses to create an amazing turf that weeds can’t even have a change to grow
  • Roundup: Kills entire plant including the root. It is rain proof in 2 hours and results happen within 24hr (will kill anything it touches)
  • Weed B Gon: Can be used to kill weeds and if it is used properly it shouldn’t hurt your lawn


We carry the Fertilizer, Roundup and Weed B Gon at “Earthform Garden Centre”


  • Vinegar: Diluted or not (be prepared for the grass and plants around the area treated to get damaged)
  • Salt: Diluted or not again (be prepared for grass, plants to die around the treated area)
  • Soap: 1oz per gallon of water (easier to control where you put it then vinegar or salt) The soap sticks to the leaves to allow more killing agent to hang on.

It’s time to bring spring to your home!

Earthform Garden Centre is now open for any of your potting soil, mulch, compost, etc.

We will be officially opened Monday May 1st.

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